4 Workplace Wellness Trends to Implement in 2019

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The global wellness industry is worth $3.7 trillion.

Of course, not all of this money is put to good use. If you’re looking at health and wellness programs to offer your employees in 2019, check out these workplace wellness trends.

1. Start Serving Healthy Snacks

Having beer on tap may make your company seem “cool”, but it’s definitely not encouraging your employees to stay healthy.

Don’t drop the company snacks completely. Just look more closely at what you’re serving. Instead of chips, why not serve unsalted nuts and fruit?

Don’t get rid of the beer completely, but have a vegan, gluten-free option which is available during certain hours of the day.

For the rest of the day, serve fizzy water or even kombucha. Although your employees may grumble at the change, they’ll be feeling a lot healthier when they reach for the snacks.

2. Offer Guided Morning Meditation

There are hundreds of benefits that meditation brings. However, one of the most useful benefits is helping to reduce stress.

If your workplace is stressful, why not encourage your employees to join in on a guided morning meditation session (followed by a healthy breakfast from your new snack bar)?

You may find that for the rest of the day, these employees are feeling less anxious, more creative, and more attentive. Who doesn’t want their employees feeling this way?

Of course, not all of your employees will join but give them incentives or make the sessions mandatory. Why not occasionally have a speaker come in to talk about the benefits of meditation too?

3. Teams that Workout Together, Stay Together

A great wellness trend to implement this year is playing a sport. Pick one lunchtime during the week and get teams together to play… something!

It doesn’t matter whether the sport changes every week, it doesn’t matter if you prefer to do circuits, just get the team working out together.

Again, you may need some serious motivation to get your employees off their butts and dancing in the reception, but it’ll be worth it.

After a hearty lunch, your attention spans drop. The best way to get over this hump? Get up and move around!

4. Set Strict Boundaries with Emails

Perhaps the most important wellness trend for this year is to set work boundaries.

It’s argued that our society values hard workers, but not balanced workers. Rather than giving your employees anxiety at 2 am with an email, set a rule that no emails or work talk should go on after or before work hours.

By encouraging your employees to live full lives outside of work, you’ll find that they’re happier when they are in the office. Fact!

Workplace Wellness Trends will Improve Productivity

Although all of these workplace wellness trends appear to be taking away from the time your employees spend working, they will certainly promote better work.

Another way to get your employees feeling happy to be in the office is to encourage them to take some time away.

Check out this blog post to learn why your employees should pack their bags straight away.

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