The Stafits Platform-Benefits That Excite!

“Using the Stafits platform made my job easier. It was all in one place! Managing billing, employee needs, and benefit details, etc. The customization made all the difference too.”

Step 1: Ready, Set, Launch

From our popular Match 25 plan, to more customized options, we help you find the benefit plan that suits your business. We also offer specialized tiers for businesses with multiple departments–from varying benefits to separate billing, we’ve got you covered.

Step 2: Take Off

It’s all there. Employee info, adding or removing employees, freezing accounts, and monitoring benefit details are all available on the master dashboard. Our platform is designed to save time and maximize efficiency.

Step 3: Smooth Flying

From the beginning, managing your Stafits platform is a breeze. We’ve improved vacation benefits beyond our competition.

Booking: Rather than having participants pay out of pocket, our platform software connects Travel Savings Account funds directly to booking online via the Stafits portal. Whether employees are scheduling via our trained concierge team or on their own, we’ve made it easier than ever before.

Off-Platform Booking: We offer reimbursement for employees booking off of the Stafits portal. They can book anywhere they like And get reimbursed within 72 hours. Verification is easy with our automated system–we’ll ensure that the TSA money is being used for a travel or rental products. If there are any flags, the receipt is always manually checked.

With Stafits, we can guarantee that TSA funds put away for re-charge vacations are used for them! You can remain confident that your employee’s interests are in good hands–we thought of all the little things.

It’s All About Morale

“When I got on my platform, it was so easy! My balance was right there, I could schedule time off and plan my vacation all in the same place. Taking a break was never so easy.”

No Games-It’s Real Money

Showcasing the platform to your employees will give them tangible motivation–there’s a reason why Stafits is called the “sexy benefit” . Our platform shows your employees real money. We don’t use “vacation dollars” or other pseudo-money benefits–the balance on the platform is the real balance–in dollars–for their vacation.That’s motivation.

Motivation in Action

From the start, monthly deposits show up on the platform dashboard. Employees can choose to save or use their balance just one month after starting! That’s immediate satisfaction. Any unused funds always roll into the next month, building towards that ultimate vacation, funds never expire and there are no hidden fees..

Planning and Packing

After requesting their vacation time, employees can jump right in to planning! Because it’s all about enjoying a trip away, we include the best vacation planning tools within the Stafits platform. From the web or mobile app, employees can plan their trip down to the smallest details. Finding the open hours for a museum or cafe has never been so easy.

Our Concierge Team

Pro Tips: Getting the most out of your trip is easy with our experienced team of vacation concierge planners. They know the ins and outs, best places to stay, and details about vacations to any destination! Their contact information is available through our platform for easy access.

Price Match Guarantee

While booking flights, hotels, rentals, etc. employees can be assured they are getting the best price. If they find a better advertised price, whether online or in print, we’ll match it!

Employee infrographic on benefits of wellness programs

employer infographic on benefits of wellness plans

Account Set Up

Simplicity is key!
-You'll be receiving an email with your account information and a temporary password to log in.
-Upon first login you will be asked to change your password and a few other details, so we can always verify it's you.
-Once on the portal, you can manage and change your details, view your balance and book your next vacation.

Set Your Goal

Yes, anything.
No one is going to tell you how to relax, enjoy yourself and spend your time off. We want to ensure that you're doing something that excites you.
With Stafits, you can book flights, vacations, cruises, hotels, rental cars, buses, campgrounds, water taxis and anything else you can imagine.
We want you to live your dreams, not limit them.

Book It

Use our desktop or mobile app, to browse, plan and dream of your next vacation. Once you're ready to book, here are your options:
-Online Booking: Book directly from the platform using the funds in your Stafits account.
-Reimbursement: Book on your favourite website or with your agent. Approved expenses get reimbursed within 72 hours.
-Travel Concierge: Call one of our professional travel advisors and for no extra charge let them answer any questions you have, recommend places and even make the booking for you.