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25 Match Plan

It’s our most popular plan for a reason.

It’s easy! Employers match a $25 monthly contribution–every year this turns into $600 for an employee to travel, experience and dream.

Through monitoring our clients we’ve found that $600 is the tipping point from a staycation to a full vacation.

The 1% Plan

Match 1% of your employee’s annual salary towards their vacation benefits each year.

Core Four Plan

Contributions are set on a quarterly basis! Plus, it’s easy to adjust amounts
every quarter based on employee performance or other criteria.

Customized Options

We Create The Vacation Benefits You Need

Every business is unique, just like every employee! We are all about benefits that will excite and motivate–we’ll take all of your needs and transform them into the perfect plan. We can customize plan details like:


  • Custom Monthly Contributions
  • Tiered Benefit Structure for Multiple Departments
  • Customized Billing for Franchises, Department Budgets, and more.

Stafits. It’s Time For Better Benefits.

It’s all about creating the right plan to inspire the fire of adventure in your workplace.


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