$1000 To Spend any Way YOU Choose. Only one catch–it has to be on something that will help you relax, recharge and get away from your routine.

Chronic Burnout

Wellness benefits should motivate and encourage workplace culture– Stafits is designed to promote productivity, increase retention and raise the bar on your bottom line.


of employees report a lack of funds as the reason for neglecting vacation time.


of employees opt for a “staycation” for the same reason.

It’s time to revolutionize motivation in the workplace

Our innovative approach to vacation benefits increases employee satisfaction and prevents burnout.

“I hadn’t taken a vacation in 3 years–it just wasn’t on my mind! I was focused on my job, paying my bills, and all my money was spoken for. When I finally got signed up with Stafits benefits I couldn’t believe how quickly I got a vacation scheduled. I came back from that vacation a changed person–I wasn’t falling asleep at my desk anymore.”

“Staycations” Aren’t Real Vacations

Vacations are becoming a rarity

In fact, the modern workplace is inadvertently pushing vacations away.

Rather than taking a real vacation, most employees don’t take vacations or rely on staycations. These typically amount to taking time off and sticking close to town–not having a memorable experience or a recharge.

However, research has shown that everyone needs a different environment for their recharge! Having no alarms, a new bed, and completely new views for at least 4 consecutive days is a genuine vacation–benefiting everyone!

Even the best and most dedicated employees have a breaking point. It’s not uncommon for someone to leave without notice when they get too burned out.

Employees who want to take a vacation are sometimes shamed and looked down on for simply trying to take a break.

Vacations have been proven to reduce stress, prevent burnout, and increase productivity in the workplace!

Empowering employees to take time for themselves is truly an investment–after all, they’re the fuel for your business.

Revolutionary Travel Benefits

At Stafits, we believe that rewards should be experienced.

Material things come and go but experiences last a lifetime. Your employees will remember their vacation, and that your company made it possible!

Everyone needs a recharge

We formatted our benefits so your employees are guaranteed the break they need. The entire process is streamlined–by simply logging into the platform, employees can redeem their benefits and start planning their vacation!

Online Planning–all the resources are available on the Stafits platform Concierge–our expert teams can help plan and schedule the perfect vacation Reimbursement–snap a picture of your receipt and it’s done.

We Live What We Give

Stafits was founded on the importance of adventure–taking a break from the everyday grind. We’ve seen firsthand the benefit of vacations in our own workplace. Everyone deserves to feel energized about life– that’s why we decided to create our unique platform.

The bottom line–you want to increase productivity and improve workplace culture. We’ve got the tools to make that possible, and much more! From our popular plans, to more tailored options, we’ll help you successfully transform your workplace morale.